About Dr. Brett A. Griffin

Building People/Building Vision

Dr. Griffin has discovered over the past 28 years, that most people are not occupied with purpose; but, the pressure of becoming someone else or accomplishing someone else's dream.  With life's tools that she has acquired from 30 plus years of ministry, 8 years of military service, and a conglomerate of business networking's, she has discovered that what most people are lacking, are not dreams or vision, but...WISDOM.

Dr. Griffin has been a personal consultant to ministerial leaders, visionaries, and entrepreneurs across the Continental United States for the past 14 years.  Her experiences have proven that when you build a leader, you can transform a multitude.  Dr. Griffin does not claim the answers to all of life's problems.  She offers instead, foundational templates of wisdom, that have proven fruitful in the lives of today's visionaries.