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"Working with Dr. Brett A Griffin has changed my life! The foundational principles that she gives helped me to build my own templates that effectively meet the needs of my clients!  Her wisdom has been invaluable and empowers me as a Business Consultant and entrepreneur.

Danielle D. Heller


Kingdom Aligned Management, LLC

I just want to say Thank you!!! ... You are my answered prayer (I prayed for a Mentor and got a True Prophet and Spiritual Mother "bonus") and the teachings resonating in my spirit are transforming me to levels I really haven't dreamed about (but had a knowing about) and rapidly... The teachings are developing me privately in a way I am experiencing the Spiritual Shift to the point the Holy Spirit is consuming my mind, body and spirit... my whole soul- daily and all day. He is apart of every area of my life. I made booklets from the teachings and I get excited when I review the notes. The teachings are confirmations and also bring forth more clarity of what God is doing. I often think of how fortunate I am... Yet, I knew this season was destined to come. I knew there was a specific person who would disciple me to the next levels and dimensions before the public launch. I knew there had to be a teacher who would love teaching me as much as I loved to learn and pull on their wisdom (and "uploaded" into my life). What I didn't know or accept until this year was I was God's Prophet and The Lord had a specific Mother figure Prophet to help guide me, through a process she knew so well! :) ...a Woman that could understand and relate to the next phases of concentration I would soon experience... 


The days of being "stuck" are gone and I know it, I believe it, and I am walking in my true Identity. Right now, God blocks certain types of support so I can clearly "SEE" who is developing me and no one else gets "the credit". He allows the "seeds" "uploaded" - to resonate and sprout - and acknowledged in a private moment and ceremony of worship between me and Him. He allows me to experience the seemingly "lack" to show me I don't lack and He has my back... the whole way. He is assuring that I solely depend on Him. The teachings reiterate exactly what God is communicating... "Follow the Holy Spirit". It truly IS the only way to manifest Destiny. And I thank you for your life's work, dedication to the Father and Investing in me. 


Love, your Daughter,

Krista Owens, BA
Century 21 All Moves

I was just a good old “Church” girl, paying my tithes, above average Church Attendance, and received answers to some of my prayers. However, I didn’t know how to hear the voice of God and have dialogue in His presence. But, then my divine “Sent-one” entered my life-Dr. Brett Griffin! Her teachings and revelation regarding the “Kingdom of God”, how to HEAR in God’s Presence and follow His Spirit has changed my life forever.  She is a no nonsense Prophet, Teacher, Mentor, and most of all someone I can call my friend. If you are hungry and thirsty desiring to see God’s Kingdom come and tap in on your purpose in your life, open your heart and fasten your seatbelt. Look no further!

Phyllis A. Saucier


Precious Jewels Daycare (Childcare Provider)

Simi Valley, CA.