Success Stories

Dear Dr. Brett you are such a blessing! That Wednesday night I thought “whoa! She has an Apostolic anointing I’m so blessed!”  I tried to take notes on everything you said  I  have been in ministry for over 25 years, God is forever teaching me more and more as years go by. You have so impacted my life by bringing such a an alignment and clarity of what God is doing in his kingdom and what he wants to do in me and through me. Their has been such a tangible shift, where I can see God has propelled me into a greater measure of his gifting and anointing for his kingdom. Thank you for your obedience to his call. I am forever grateful.

Raquel Guevara

I met Dr. Brett for first time in 1990 when she was a minister and youth pastor at Abundant Life Deliverance Ministries. I knew right away that I needed what she had in my life although,  in what capacity, I was a little bit foggy initially.

The good kings in the Bible usually sought counsel from the men of God. Men like Nathan, Elijah, and others who communed with God regularly and spoke the heart of God to the king. Dr. Brett has become that for me and many others around the world, proving that that mantle transcends nationality, ethnicity, and gender.


Dr. Brett has been and is still a blessing to many.


Michael Hodges

In my short time of sitting under Apostle Dr. Brett A. Griffin tutelage since October 2020, being a student and growing in my very own nature of becoming truly a Kingdom minded Disciple has broaden my spans of living and breathing God’s Living Word and activating my new creation in Christ Jesus through exemplifying  throughout the earth and within my sphere of influence. Her teaching are very sobering and enriched with the commandments that Christ Jesus instructs us on how to live and love one and another just as He being Jesus Christ loves his Church. Dr. Brett is the epitome of reflecting the Heart of the Father!


Tina M. Morrison, Danville, VA


There are very few individuals that I know of, and even fewer in my personal life, that match the level of Kingdom knowledge, skill, know-how, and integrity as that of Apostle Dr. Brett Griffin. From the very beginning, Apostle Brett has shown herself to be more than just a Kingdom Woman of integrity, but one that has “captured the heartbeat of God,” if I may so state. Her level of Kingdom wisdom, utterly profound; her ability to hear the Voice of God, extremely keen; her heart towards God’s people, immensely tender. Apostle Brett’s voice and life in the Earth realm strongly behooves one to listen. Warmest of Kingdom Regards,

Apostle Howard Rose, Jr

My name is Crystal  Taylor I joined the Discipleship Training in January 2021 and every since I've joined, it has taught me how to truly let go and let God love me and what I mean by that being molested as a kid and abandon by my Father I really had trust and abandonment issues where even being married it didn't work out partly because I was never healed from what I had been through, then after I gave my life to Christ over 18years ago joined this church where I felt I was heading in the right direction to heal ,and being able to discuss my past until the Leader of that Church took my Pain of My Past to make sexual Advances, and inappropriate touching so I went back into this dark place of shielding my self and not trusting anyone not even God,not that I blamed him or anything but I didn't know how to let him in and love me until I Joined the Discipleship Training in January it taught me that my circumstances and what I went through was not my final destination that God had more instore for my life he taught me how a father suppose to love their Children, and taught me how to love me ,then healing,and deliverance  began to take place ,the walls that I have had up all these years started coming down a feeling that I have never felt,joining this class with amazing women Dr Brett has truly changed my life and I'm forever grateful.

Knowing Dr. Brett for the past 15 years has been a privilege. At first, the serious tone of her cadence, appearance, and demeanor came across as intimidating and aggressive, but as I got to know her, I understood it was a reflection of her dedication and sanctification to the Lord. I began to admire and appreciate her, for being so stern in her desire to live in righteousness and in a manner pleasing to the Lord. Being able to receive council has helped me meditate more intently on the Word of God, as well as think intently about my dedication to the Lord and my ability to walk in obedience. Dr. Brett’s council (by way of the Holy Spirit) has been instrumental in helping me confirm hearing the Lord (or not) and moving accordingly, without creating a crutch.




DeNorvious “Cixx” Pickett


Lancaster, CA (by way of Los Angeles’ Crenshaw District) 


Founder/Director of C.H.O.I.C.E.S. 

(Collecting Honest Opinions & Investigating Concrete Evidence Strategically)


Youth Minister/Youth Mentor/ Youth Advocate

Stage Manager/2nd Assistant Director

"Working with Dr. Brett A Griffin has changed my life! The foundational principles that she gives helped me to build my own templates that effectively meet the needs of my clients!  Her wisdom has been invaluable and empowers me as a Business Consultant and entrepreneur.

Danielle D. Heller
Kingdom Aligned Management, LLC
Palmdale, CA 

I just want to say Thank you!!! ... You are my answered prayer (I prayed for a Mentor and got a True Prophet and Spiritual Mother "bonus") and the teachings resonating in my spirit are transforming me to levels I really haven't dreamed about (but had a knowing about) and rapidly... The teachings are developing me privately in a way I am experiencing the Spiritual Shift to the point the Holy Spirit is consuming my mind, body and spirit... my whole soul- daily and all day. He is apart of every area of my life. I made booklets from the teachings and I get excited when I review the notes. The teachings are confirmations and also bring forth more clarity of what God is doing. I often think of how fortunate I am... Yet, I knew this season was destined to come. I knew there was a specific person who would disciple me to the next levels and dimensions before the public launch. I knew there had to be a teacher who would love teaching me as much as I loved to learn and pull on their wisdom (and "uploaded" into my life). What I didn't know or accept until this year was I was God's Prophet and The Lord had a specific Mother figure Prophet to help guide me, through a process she knew so well! :) ...a Woman that could understand and relate to the next phases of concentration I would soon experience... 


The days of being "stuck" are gone and I know it, I believe it, and I am walking in my true Identity. Right now, God blocks certain types of support so I can clearly "SEE" who is developing me and no one else gets "the credit". He allows the "seeds" "uploaded" - to resonate and sprout - and acknowledged in a private moment and ceremony of worship between me and Him. He allows me to experience the seemingly "lack" to show me I don't lack and He has my back... the whole way. He is assuring that I solely depend on Him. The teachings reiterate exactly what God is communicating... "Follow the Holy Spirit". It truly IS the only way to manifest Destiny. And I thank you for your life's work, dedication to the Father and Investing in me. 


Love, your Daughter,

Krista Owens, BA
Century 21 All Moves

I was just a good old “Church” girl, paying my tithes, above average Church Attendance, and received answers to some of my prayers. However, I didn’t know how to hear the voice of God and have dialogue in His presence. But, then my divine “Sent-one” entered my life-Dr. Brett Griffin! Her teachings and revelation regarding the “Kingdom of God”, how to HEAR in God’s Presence and follow His Spirit has changed my life forever.  She is a no nonsense Prophet, Teacher, Mentor, and most of all someone I can call my friend. If you are hungry and thirsty desiring to see God’s Kingdom come and tap in on your purpose in your life, open your heart and fasten your seatbelt. Look no further!

Phyllis A. Saucier


Precious Jewels Daycare (Childcare Provider)

Simi Valley, CA.

I'd like to share my heart with those who will read this regarding Dr. Brett's ministry, and how it has impacted me personally, as well as the ministry God has me operating.  We met about 4 years ago through that ministry called Communities for Christ, (CFC).  CFC operates as a ministry nonprofit organization in Antelope Valley, California that encourages all Christian's who attend various churches to serve, pray, give, and more... together as one body in Christ.  CFC has an intercessory prayer team formed through the encouragement of prayer warriors from various churches in the community.  Dr. Brett was told about this team and soon thereafter joined.  Now unbeknownst to any of us, the Holy Spirit assigned this teacher, evangelist, prophet and prayer warrior into our group!  What an incredible blessing and journey it's been.  Through her, Holy Spirit has taken each one of the members of the prayer group to a new level of maturity as all have been sharpened, strengthened and grown deeply in friendship and family as members of one body in Jesus Christ!  I'd like to publicly thank Dr. Brett for her patience and endurance with this group.  It takes character to endure as many of us know; to wait patiently for seasons to produce fruit.  I proudly say, that Dr. Brett is a dear friend whom I respect greatly, and a true warrior for Christ who knows how to allow Holy Spirit to lead and guide the body of believers, a treasured gift from God.


                                                                                                                                                                             Yvette Emard, 

                                                                                                                                                                         Founder/Director of Communities for Christ

Longing for healing or envisioning a healthy whole life is a thing of the past, it is attainable and I am here to tell you. My name is Micole, I am a nurse and I reside in Ft. Worth Tx. Prior to meeting Dr. Brett, life as I knew it was being turned upside down very slowly. I could actually see things and people moving out of the way so I could put God in His rightful place. Although I didn't understand it completely, I knew it was God and I knew I needed help. After a divinely appointed introduction it was crystal clear who God had sent to help me navigate through life, but not just any life, a Kingdom life. Dr. Brett, in almost 9 months, through God have answered prayers spoken and unspoken, shed light where there was none, uprooted, debunked, decapitated and annihilated the plot and plan of the enemy all while lovingly affirming and reaffirming, rebuking, encouraging, comforting, and sharpening consistently with the word of God. I am and will be forever grateful for this God ordained connection, my life will literally never be the same.


Micole Warren

If you’ve ever questioned or ever made the statement that there has to be more… then Kingdom Discipleship will help reveal the answers. Are you ready to elevate or transition to another dimension in Christ?  Kingdom Discipleship will help you get to that next dimension in your relationship and walk with Christ, and equip you to live a kingdom driven life.  Under the leadership and direction of Dr. Brett Griffin, I’ve had my answers to my questions of “why” and “how” revealed and I can see clearer now.  I understand that I was created to walk in Kingdom Authority in every area of my life according to God’s seasons.  The Kingdom of God is above all kingdoms and the word of God is living and powerful! 

I have realigned myself in holiness, and allowed the Holy Spirit to purge me so that I can live holy and righteously before God; so that I may receive wisdom to elevate me to my next dimension in Christ.



Dr. Vannetta Davis Felix, Orlando Florida

Professor of Mathematics 

CEO of Math Masters Online  Tutoring,  LLC

CEO of Divine Designs Event Planning and Catering LLC

Board of Elders, Florida African-American Student Association In

Dear Dr Brett,

I would like to give my testimony of how you have impacted my life and children. I met Dr Brett during a teaching on a mother's day event around the 10th May 2020 and since then I knew that she had a sound that was to impact my life. Her teachings about sonship and wisdom resonated with my spirit. I continued to listen to her the whole summer as she taught of the male and female expression of Sonship on facebook. 


During this time I could not have wished for anything better than to hear her teach, I was going through a difficult time in my life as I had lost my brother in March 2020 and a lot was going on and I needed to really understand who I was in God and how to handle everything that was coming against my life being that my family are not saved. I was completing my degree and had exams to take in June, her teaching kept me going and I trusted more in the Lord as I was getting understanding of how to pray the scriptures and what they meant by the way Dr Brett broke down the word of God and gave me understanding over the questions that were going on in my head on certain scriptures.


I can not tell you the impact this has had in my life but I was screaming on the top of my voice when she made a clarion call for discipleship it was October 2020 I knew this was the answer to my calling. I am now proud to sit at the feet of Dr Brett and glean from her wisdom. I felt this was not enough I needed her to under  guard me and also be accountable in my walk with God and my entire life so I asked her if she could be my spiritual mother and she was happy to walk me.


I am originally from Uganda but been living in Cambridge England for almost 20 years with my two children as a single mother, I did not just get to walk with Dr. Brett but she introduced me to her village and my children are part of a community that they never had. My son is 15 and my daughter is 11 and they are both part of meetings on different days with Dr. Brett  with the discipleship meeting weekly. 


I am so blessed to have Dr. Brett in my life there are no words that can explain everything but all I can say I look forward to understanding the Kingdom of God and my mandate on this earth as I learn  the scriptures and legislation from the word of God as Dr. Brett teaches. She is very different and I know I am called to receive from her the wisdom she has received through her consecrated life style of the years. I am sure this will also help me unlearn some of the things I learnt along the way that do not necessary relate to scripture in the way they should.


Rosette Nanyonjo

Audrey O’Reilly
Dublin, Ireland


As a kingdom disciple it has been a great honor to be chosen to sit at the feet of Dr. Brett Griffin.
I have gleaned from her wisdom, her revelation knowledge as well as her experience about
what the Kingdom of God looks like. I have been learning and am still learning how to govern
my life according to the precepts, principles and protocols of the Kingdom of God.
I have gained a clearer understanding of what the government of God is and what is required of
me in order to walk in the authority of God here on the Earth.
These meetings have been such a blessing to my life and I will be forever grateful for this
Apostle, Prophet, Mother and Mentor

Dr. Brett A. Griffin.


Audrey O’Reilly